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About Us

We thoughtfully custom design each itinerary, focusing on the group leader’s mission, while creating a beautifully memorable journey for all the travelers.

Your Trip will embrace biblical and spiritual history in comfort, designed with or without a little austerity by including a monastery stay and with or without exclusive access visits.

Devotion Travel provides our spiritual travelers with life-changing experiences. Some create life-long friendships, others experience personal spiritual growth and some both.

All while being guided by our specially selected expert local tour directors.

Our team of travel consultants at the Devotion Travel has combined over 50 years’ experience designing and planning custom Trips for groups seeking deeper spiritual connections. Our diverse knowledge of global religious sites – and commitment to exceptional service – is next to none. Whether you and your congregants are exploring your faith in the Holy Land, Rome, or elsewhere, we will help create a sacred experience for you and your travelers.

We send travelers on life-changing journeys to explore the world’s most spiritually significant destinations, while also learning in-depth about their cultural and historical traditions. The Devotion Travel team works to make every day of your trip inspirational.

Contact us for custom designed land and/or cruise packages so we can explore together the world of available opportunities!

Our Mission

Devotion Travel’s mission is to bring people to the world’s holiest and most spiritually significant destinations while providing the most seamless travel experience. In addition to the Holy Land, we send travelers to many other countries to discover Biblical sites and share unique experiences.

We create the possibility for people to see sacred history come to life in the present day.