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Group Trip Planning

Pre-Trip planning suggestions for Group Leaders

  • Define the purpose of your Trip – specific passion to be incorporated into the Trip design
  • Select Travel Dates – approximately 18 months to 1 year prior to travel date based on destination
  • Select a price point range
  • Choose Land and/or Cruise Trip
  • Select Destinations(s) based on purpose of the trip
  • Receipt of formal Proposal of custom-designed Trip

What to expect while working with Devotion Travel on your custom group trip

Marketing Support

  • Custom design your brochure
  • Produce Online Registration Form
  • Create Trip landing page
  • Provide Trip Announcement for your Email distribution and promotion

Traveler Support

  • Coordinate all correspondences with your travelers
  • Answer your travelers’ questions
  • Provide optional Trip extensions upon request
  • Provide air upgrades upon request
  • Offer optional group Trip insurance

 Operational Support

  • Manage air, land and/or cruise arrangements for a seamless experience
  • Collect deposits and final payments
  • Process all invoices
  • Provide final trip documents (3-4 weeks prior to departure)
  • Provide the group leader fully comprehensive easy Trip reference materials