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We have listed our most Frequently Asked Questions here. If you don’t find the answer to yours, please use the Contact Form to let us know.

What is the minimum number for a group?
We suggest a group size of 35 – 50 travelers for motor coach trips. We recommend a minimum number of 20 travelers for a group. The larger the group size the greater the economies of scale.


Do Group Leaders need to pay a deposit?
A deposit is not required if you have a pre-set group of travelers wishing to travel with you, otherwise a nominal deposit is required, which is refunded after the Group travels.


Do Group Leaders travel for free?
Yes. Group Leaders’ basic travel (and, when requested, group leader’s companion’s basic travel is complimentary. Some excluded items (for example, the leader’s personal expenses and certain meals) are the responsibility of the Group Leader.


Can anyone join our group or is it exclusive?
Most of the Group Leaders we work with have closed groups, but we can and do open up trips to the general public if the Group Leader wishes.


What am I required to do if I already have my group of people?
We provide service and support before, during, and after your travels. We custom design your itinerary, produce a marketing piece, and handle all travel arrangements, flight, logistics, accounting, invoicing for all payments, and answer any questions your travelers’ may have. We produce electronic final documents in order to provide a smooth and seamless experience before and during your travel. We also provide the Group Leader fully comprehensive group trip details prior to departure. When you need us, we are available to answer your questions. We offer support 24/7/365  Call: 800-323-7004


What types of itineraries do you offer?
We custom design every trip based on the Group Leader’s objectives. For example, Church groups have special opportunities for travel with deeper meaning. The right trip can help bind congregations together in shared fellowship. As part of a full-service Travel Agency, Devotion Travel can create itineraries anywhere in the world, whether by land or by sea. Click HERE to see Sample Itineraries.



How much in advance should I plan to go on a trip?
We recommend planning your trip 12 to 18 months prior to the travel date. Sometimes, depending on the destination and/or event type we might even suggest booking 2+ years in advance. Of course, we can arrange trips within a shorter time frame if that would meet your group’s needs.


Do you organize tours for children, adults or both?
We specialize in designing trips for adults. Children will sometimes join their parents or grandparents on one of our custom-designed trips.
What makes Devotion Travel more unique than every other faith-based agency?trips?
We use our buying power and many other travel industry relationships to give you excellent value. The benefits of our supplier network of key contacts, whether you travel by land or sea are yours to enjoy!
Why do I need you to help arrange my group travel?
Our holistic approach blends impeccable logistics with inspirational sites.
We work with Tour Directors who have an intimate knowledge of the destination. Our Guides are known for their impeccable service to assist you, the Group Leader, and travelers to make your trip special.
We tailor design fully-guided trips to the Group Leader’s specification, including walking tours, motor coach tours, cruises, or a hybrid of two or more of these styles of touring.
What do you do for group travelers that I cannot do for myself?
We use our buying power and many travel industry relationships to give you excellent value. The benefits of our supplier network of key contacts, whether you travel by land or by sea, are yours to enjoy.
Can you help me organize a group travel? (what are the steps?)
To learn how to organize group travel we invite you to visit our Group Trip Planning page.
Do you help with marketing the trip?

We create a website landing page specifically for your custom designed trip that includes a link to your personalized customized brochure. We can also provide personalized full-color e-brochures of the detailed itinerary, as well as the terms and conditions. If you provide us with an email contact list, we will send out personalized email invitations. We can make the trip available to the general public, or mark it as Private. Always remember to invite those you know to invite others. In order to reach those who live farther away, we recommend a virtual presentation and social media as good options. Using the digital files along with the resources on our website will help make it easy for you to spread the word.

How is the paperwork handled?

Your trip registration form is on your trip landing page. Travelers register and securely pay the deposit online. Devotion Travel manages all the travelers’ registrations, payments and invoices as well as any necessary traveler follow-up.
Once registrations are finalized, we handle all the necessary travel documents, including name badges, luggage tags, and final e-documents. 
Experience the joy of watching each of your travelers be amazed by the personalized itinerary we create just for you.


How do I know how my trip is doing?

If you do not have a pre-set group ready to register for your Trip, we will create a Trip Interest Form for you and collect a nominal fee from your travelers. 
If we do not receive sufficient interest and your Trip is not offered, then the individual travelers’ Trip Interest Fee is refunded.

If we receive sufficient interest then from the Trip Interest Forms we move forward with the Trip arrangements and accept registrations.
We provide you with regular status updates by email with the number of registrants on your Trip.

Must I be a part of a church to offer group travel?
No, we design trips for travelers with similar interests, which can make your travels even more rewarding. It is our goal to design trips that are meaningful for the group, whether it be spiritual or educational. We have designed trips for Pastors Priests, Bible Scholars, Historians…
How do I know if I am Group Leader material?
Anyone who has a desire to lead a group abroad and has followers is group leader material. Pastors, bible scholars, any activity coordinator, any person in a leadership role can become a group leader. Our impeccable logistics and seasoned Tour Directors and local guides make leading a group a breeze for even first time group leaders.
Can I request that a donation be made to our organization at the same time as the deposit?
Yes, a separate link to make a donation can be added to the registration form of your custom designed trip.
How do you coordinate the necessary travel arrangements?
With over 50 years of experience in the travel industry, we have developed long term relationships with destination specialists and belong to many consortiums that provide all the different travel services necessary to provide our travel groups a seamless experience, meeting or exceeding expectations.
Why do you recommend group travel?

Any group travel where we custom design a trip around the travelers’ mutual passion has resulted in very rewarding and meaningful travel experiences.


Questions are the root of all answers.