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FAQ for Travelers

Everyone has questions about traveling, and we’ve included the most frequently asked here. If you don’t find the answer to yours, please use the Contact Form to let us know.

Can anyone go on this trip or do you have to be part of a group?
Trips that are open to the general public will have registration forms available on our Devotion Travel website which do not state private group.


What if I am traveling alone? Does this affect the price of my Trip?

We do have a limited number of single rooms available on each trip at an additional cost. However, if you are interested in sharing, simply check the appropriate box on the registration form and we will introduce travelers wishing to share. Should you choose to share a room throughout the trip the single supplement would no longer apply.

Can I apply my airline program mileage to the flights?

Should you wish to use your air miles for your air ticket, we do provide an air and transfer credit for each trip.  We do not process or arrange mileage tickets.

What if I have food allergies or strict dietary requirements?
We forward information that you provide us about allergies and dietary requirements to our partners abroad and request them to accommodate those requirements to the extent they can. Should you have severe allergies and/or strict dietary requirements we suggest packing snacks you know you can eat.
What if I have paid for the trip, and cannot go due to unforeseen circumstances?

We do offer and recommend travel insurance for all of our trips.

What if I don't want to do one of the activities on this trip? Can I choose to do my own thing instead?

You are welcome to do an alternate activity, however there is no refund for any unused portion of the trip.

Do I bring a credit card, or do I need cash? How do I exchange the currency?
As standard taxes, base gratuities and most meals are included in the price on our group trips, you likely would need money mainly for personal expenses, additional voluntary gratuities, lunches, snacks and souvenirs. Credit cards are generally accepted in most major cities. However, we generally recommend taking some local currency. Details regarding currency are provided in your electronic final documents.


How do I pack for this trip? What will I need to bring/purchase in advance?

We provide suggestions of what to pack in your electronic final documents.

What is the luggage allowance?

Generally, one suitcase and one carry-on bag.

Are Masses offered?
Yes, depending on the group leader’s preferences. Some groups are led/co-led by a pastor and have several Masses throughout the trip. Some Catholic trips led by a Pastor include daily Mass.
How are flights arranged? Is it flexible?
We generally organize one or two specific group flights for our custom designed group trips.
What makes Devotion Travel more unique than every other faith-based agency?
As we are part of a full-service Travel Agency, Devotion Travel can assist you with your individual travel arrangements, in the event you would like to extend your trip.


How are payments made?
A deposit is required to register for a trip and we do accept credit cards for deposits. For your convenience, registration and deposit payment may be completed online. In order to provide the best possible price, final payment is required by check as our trips are based on a cash discounted rate.


Do I need a visa?

In the event that US citizens require a Visa for the group travel destination, we will acquire the necessary visa.

Can I purchase a trip as a gift for someone?

Yes, you can purchase a trip as a gift. Simply give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

Are service charges, local taxes and tips included in my tour price?

Yes, taxes, standard gratuities and most meals are included in the trip price.

Questions are the root of all answers.